About Me

I’m Peter Lafreniere, an enthusiast of calculators and esoteric computing. Currently I’m an undergraduate student at Michigan Tech.

This blog is a place to collect my ramblings on some of my interests:

  • Calculators
    • Especially the TI-68k series
  • Linux (kernel)1 development
    • AX.25 protocol and the hamradio subsystem2
  • Compiler development it’s hard :-(
  • Law
  • All things fast
    • Computer related and otherwise
  • Software freedom3


Feel free to email me at peter@n8pjl.ca.
I’m also available on matrix and Github.

  1. Having to say this is a pet peeve of mine, as there is no other ‘Linux’. 

  2. Naturally, I’m a ham. My callsign is N8PJL. Could you have guessed? 

  3. Yes, I’m one of those people.